Daniel Gade:Too extreme for Virginia

Virginia Republicans just chose another extreme-right conservative as their U.S. Senate nominee

It’s official: the GOP has chosen Retired Army Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Gade as their nominee. 

They have a pattern of picking extreme conservatives who are out of step with Virginians. Daniel Gade’s nomination means more of the same from Virginia Republicans. 

On Coronavirus response alone, he’s proven that he won’t put the health and safety of Virginians ahead of his partisan agenda.:

  • In early March, Gade denied the impact of coronavirus — even encouraging those who expressed concern about the pandemic as trying to “stir this up into something it’s not.” He even encouraged his followers to put themselves and those around them at risk and “just do normal things.”
  • Later that month, Gade purposefully put the Asian American community at risk by calling the coronavirus pandemic the “Chinese Wuhan virus.”
  • He’s proven he can’t follow the advice of health care professionals. The Centers for Disease Control recommend everyone wear masks outside their homes, whether or not they have symptoms. Gade had this to say: “Every time you put on your mask, I want you to think about the fact that this is what tyranny feels like.”

That’s not all:

  • Gade opposes the Affordable Care Act, which has expanded access to healthcare for millions of Americans and bans discrimination against Americans with pre-existing medical conditions.
  • In multiple instances, Gade has advocated for weakening or completely dismantling the Department of Education.
  • Gade said school shootings are “not really a gun problem.”
  • He opposes anti-discrimination measures for LGBTQ+ Americans, which is a more extreme position than conservative justices on the Supreme Court hold.


Bottom line: Daniel Gade is the wrong choice for Virginia.

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